Non Intrusive And Free income stream

Found a new app that has alot of potential, its called the powerbar . Its basically a small , non intrusive bar that you put on your browser. You hit it, it drops a bunch of ads and you click and boom you get paid! That's really not where the money comes in, you get alot more from sharing it with others, you get some of what others make so it can snow ball into a very serious and significant income stream.

So got a site, Now what?

So now as to what we have so far, So we have some apps to get us started and we have lots of great webmasters to help us on the way and we have a website so whats next? Well next you need to figure out what you want the site to be about. I would choose the several programs I have listed before and set up a landing page or a capture page at your new site. Then start a blog to promote it and get traffic to it. Websites are a lot different then blogs. They are more static then blogs and in that way easier compared to blogs. This free tutorial is ideal for those of you who want to learn how to create a business or personal website from scratch. Download here.

Well hope thats been helpful, will return with more great opportunities to help with your online business ,so check back often.

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I have a couple of static website, in fact my current blog was once a static until I switched it over to a blog for reader interaction.

Websites are easier than blogs as they don't really need any upkeep, just place some content and ads and leave it alone.

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Income stream is something that you should build after you have your main job / business is well established. This can be anything that suits to you like a part time job, self-employment, writing, web site building, consulting, etc.

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