Pick the hosting company that pays you back!

Back with the continuation,

So doesn't matter what you learn and do if you don't have a website to make money with. I have chosen affiliate marketing as my primary source of income for my online business.
Well lots of hosting companies have come up over the years, so which one do you choose?


GDI is an amazing hosting company. First lets get the investment part over with, its only $10 a month. That's it, no registration fee, no processing fee, nothing. Just $10 and you get your own web site that you can design yourself, a personalized address on the world wide web, and up to 10 custom email accounts! So yea that's great,but whats the diff from this and godaddy for example. Well its the affiliate program they offer! They pay you to get people signed up! First they give you $100 bonus for every 5 people that you sign up in a week,that is unlimited! so if you sign up 15 people in a week you make $300. They have alot more bonuses, but that's not all either!

Residual Income is where its at! ;)

On top of the bonuses you get residual income! You get $1 for every person every month, yea yea I know, a dollar? Yes! you get 5 levels of down line! that means if you get 30 people signed up and those people get just 2 more people and so on, for 5 levels, you get around $1000 a month! Lots of people get alot more then just 30 , check this video out to see the real potential of this awsome program!

Just a $10 investment!
I mean its really great opportunity for just a small investment, can you afford to let this one go?
I have signed up with them and here is my site with the video so you can see that this is a very serious and legit online business opportunity. And its free for the first 7 days!

Well , I'll be back soon to show you more online opportunities.

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There is a mass movement in the Network Marketing Industry with the New Trump Network Launch.

Another well presented oppotunity.

Hey things are really starting to take shape around here. Looks good!:)

Thanks :D really appreciate it

Looks like a great opportunity for some folks. I'm not a big fan of MLM but that's just me.

Getting a little bit of money from your hosting company can't be a bad thing.

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