Programs that just dont work, or are fake..

Back again ,
wanted to bring a progress report of sorts to the blog. A report on the affiliate programs that I have talked about on here before. How they did, what the cost was and if the program was profitable. Now I'm fairly sure that if you threw enough money at these programs they probably could work ,but that's not the goal of this site. This site is to bring you profitable affiliate programs you don't have to be rich to use. So on my modest budget I gave these programs a try and they flopped, fizzled and were overall duds. So here is my list of shame!!!

My dish biz

Not one red cent out of this one. They say that they advertise for you for 1 year for free, and by all indications this is true, however not sure who or where they advertise but nobody is buying dish network from them. In little less then 60 days I had about 500 visitors, and about 1500 page views and no sales at all . Many people online have said that if you think about all the people that have signed up for this one and that have identical affiliate pages that they are advertising for, that this could be the reason the sales are so low, and that the chances of you getting your page anywhere near the top of google or yahoo or any other search engine are remote at best. Granted I didn't launch an all out marketing campaign , I didn't get adwords or anything else, I promoted it on twitter and here and other places. I didn't do any offline marketing either. Offline could be where its at with this program but I have a very limited budget and even more limited time. So I have applied to get my money back, it comes with a guarantee, so I will be letting you know if they give me my money back or if this is a scam after all.


Well not sure why this one failed. No body signed up for this one, it gives you a website of your own and an affiliate program that could generate nice cash if you get enough sign ups. I did notice that after I signed up , that the tools they offer to help you with your website were not as good as the competition. The company is geared for making money and getting people to sign up, not necessarily to help you build a site. Again I'm sure if I had thousands to spend on a marketing campaign I could have generated nice money from this one but that's out of my budget range. I believe in these economic times people don't have thousands to spend on a risky internet venture.

Acme People Search

This one kind of fizzled when I had to cancel my GDI website. It never made any money and it just seemed very cheesy to me. Even the name sounds cheesy 'Acme', what am I? Wile E. Coyote ? Anyway, this one also claimed it would take care of the advertising, I got hits on it, just no sales. But the components of the website were very interesting. I think I could make a site just like it(well with a better layout and name ofcourse) set up a pay per search box and some links to clickbank products that would interest the people who are visiting the site. At least I got some good ideas from it, perhaps for a new site of my own.

Thats it for now, check back next time...


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So many bad affiliate ideas out there. Lots of promises but nothing to deliver.

That is an interesting list of affiliates that did not work.

These appear to be network ops, not affiliates (yes, I know thin line). I am always wary of any business that promises to do it all for you, gives you a replicated site, and then tells you that the way to make $$$ is to get others to buy the membership. There are some good network marketing companies but as you have already dedeuced, the ones you tried are not.

When you think about it, what does GDI offer? Not even a .com designation which is the most sought after designation. I was taught a long time ago, when looking at network marketing opportunities ask yourself: If there was no business attached to the this product, would I still buy it through this offer? If the answer is no, then its probably a by.

Don't despair. There are lots of good affiliates out there and if you learn how to market them, the money will start to first trickle in then increase.

Wishing you the best in your online endeavors.

Thanks Valentina for your post, you make very good points. My next post I will share some programs that didn't bomb. Well I hope others will learn from my mistakes and peoples comments and steer clear of these 'automated ATM' programs.

This is a good post. Why? Because all we hear about on the internet is how great this product is and how great that product is. No one actually takes the time to try them out and admit that the products suck. So thanks friend for reporting back on your findings. :)

No problem, thanks for the encouragement. :D

I read the article and I really liked it..
Thanks for the great post..

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