90 day mark, and then some

Hay just wanted to let everyone know that this blog has been up and running for 94 days! I've been so busy that I didn't even notice. I really have developed a new appreciation for bloggers. This business is REALLY hard work. It has its down side and upside and so many different areas to keep track of. I really think one blogger has to do the work of an entire office!

The blogger has to create content: That in itself has many sub levels, research, 'getting ideas' , then putting it down in a way that wont be confusing, but easy to understand and so on.

Marketing: The blogger has to do all the marketing, that means commenting on other blogs,forums, getting involved with link exchanges, marketing on social media twitter,facebook, myspace and the multitude of others. Payed advertising, adwords and so on.

Webmaster: That includes finding and installing all the new gadgets out there , I think this one could be a full time job in itself. Updating code to a better layout. Most of the time you have to be your own tech support.

Learning: Never ends, always keeping up with the new techniques and ways to make the above jobs easier and more productive.

Make Money: And last but by no means least, the point of the whole exercise for most bloggers, to make money. Perhaps the most difficult for the beginning blogger, and extremely time consuming.

Yet I find I really like it lol. I think because with so many jobs one has no time or opportunity to become bored. If I get bored I just move on to one of my other jobs that probably is in serious need of my attention. All in all its been a great adventure and learning process that I have really enjoyed. Anyway will Post after the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Have all a Happy Thanksgiving and may God bless.

If I've missed a job in the multitude above, please do comment about it. Thanks.


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I really like hanging out here and the new look is a little dark but I think I can work with it.

90 days seems to fly by doesn't it :)

I spoke about your blog the other day on my site. You should come and check it out! :)

Cool , Thanks! Sorry I haven't had time to visit lately just very busy with the holidays and all that. Maybe will brighten it up. Thanks for the comment :)

Congrats on making it past your first 90 days!

Thanks Gabe much appreciated.

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful article with us.

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