0 investment! free advertising, great opportunity

Hi, just wanted to talk more about 'the bar', I spoke on it briefly in my last post. Well wanted to let you in on something , this bar is very interesting with lots of potential and I want us to give it a good try, you get seven levels of down line so that means basically that if you sign up 10 people and they sign up 10 people all 7 levels down, you are making around the ball park of 40k a month! Now not sure about you but thats the park I want to be in.

So here is where the free advertising comes in!
For a limited time , I will put up on my site a banner for the bar. Now if you sign up with me in this, and by the way the program is free and totally non intrusive(you wont know its there), I will put the ad with your member number! So I will have a rotating banner with your member number in there getting traffic and clicks while you surf! Rotating from member to member.
Click here.

I will help build your downline!

Why? Well because the more I help you the more I get paid! Very simple :)
I mean its free and I've forgotten its there, just spend maybe 2min a day clicking on ads for a potential $40k a month! Where you going to find that online?

So will be back next time with another great opportunity!

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Hi Iskander, I need to check this out because it sounds like a great opportunity. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

No prob. Its what this site is for,finding the opportunities and telling you about it. Hope you decide to signup

I'm not a fan of MLM but I hope it works out for you. Given the right set of circumstances, MLM can be very lucrative.

Yea MLM isn't for everyone, but then what is?

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