Let me 'splain No, there's too much. Let me sum up

Hi, just wanted to summarize what opportunities I have posted in the past week and some ways to implement them.

So you want a way to make money without an annoying boss telling you what to do and looking over your shoulder! OK , If you want to make money online then you have to have a blog or website, that's where Site Build It! comes in ,they are all about helping you start your online business and helping you manage it. They not only help you with figuring out what it is you want in an online business they help execute it and they are great at what they do. A complete package.

So you say “I already have a website..” so that's where “Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business On The Internet!” comes in. They will help you get your business up and running, they will share tips and strategies that will help you succeed, and its Guaranteed!

And that's not all, we have some affiliate programs that are totally legit and very profitable. The first offering is clickbank, the electronic marketplace. This is where people with e-books or online services can sell them and you can make a lot of commission. Its great but you must check out what you try to sell , its not ALL worth selling. So great commission but must check out before your readers/customers get burned.

Another very lucrative affiliate program is SiteSell's affiliate program ! Not only is it incredibly profitable it also supply's the affiliates with SEVERAL different ways to profit from it. From many different splash pages to offline real world promotional material. I have never seen another program that supports its affiliates like this program.

And then if you want something far away from websites and the internet, we have Disciple's Cross. If you want to work with your hands and have an income that is based in the real world then this is it. Great buy back program and great quality crosses that you can easily sell to merchants or just about anybody. I know people who have given them away to family and a few close friends and suddenly they have more orders then they can keep up with.

So that's all for last week, but this is just the beginning. Keep checking back to see what other programs I will have on here. I keep this updated several times a week! I always post the best sites and programs and check them out so you don't have too.

Check ya guys later!

Make a website! ...About what?

Hay I'm back with another review!

This time its a very in depth system called “Insider Secrets To Marketing Your Business On The Internet! I have checked it out and its VERY impressive, it doesn't matter if you have no computer or business experience... it doesn't matter if you don't have a business or product idea... and it doesn't matter what your current financial situation is !

The System helps you...

  • decide what you should sell!!
  • EASILY get a sales website live
  • Attract your first visitor
  • take credit card payments!
  • Ramp up sales & traffic quickly!
  • Automate your business to be hands free.

So this is a sample of what you will find within this amazing course!

  • How to use powerful automated research tools to quickly multiply your hobbies and interests into Hundreds of potential business ideas!

  • Seven best ways to make money from a website!

And lots more, I mean if you have trouble thinking of what to market , this will help! Don't have traffic, this will help. It will give you all the knowledge and tools to succeed you just need to apply the elbow grease(that means work) , Great package for a great price!! I can tell you this has been a great help in my business.

Ohh yea , and it has a 90 DAY 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE !!!

That's how much they trust the product and how much I believe in it too.

Click all the way to the bank? or NOT?


Hay , back again with another great opportunity!

Its ClickBank! ClickBank is an electronic marketplace that authors or programmers put the products that they make for sale. These products are all electronic, such as pdf files or electronic services and that sort of electronic merchandise. So what makes clickbank better then other marketplaces, like Amazon? The affiliate program in amazon pays like 2%. If you sell a $30 or $40 dollar book on Amazon, you can only make $2 to $1.50 commission on it. That's just the cost of doing business with 'real' merchandise. Amazon has to pay the author, the shipping (in most cases), Amazon gets a cut, and other people in the mix, so your like the sixth one down the list.

However with a electronic marketplace like click bank, things are a lot different. Just you the author and clickbank. So the commission can be up to 40% or even 75%!! Because the overhead is so low, you get wild crazy commission percentages. Like if you take my example of a $40 dollar book, you can make $20 maybe $30 dollars on just one book.

Now that's the good side of clickbank, but the downside is that there is a LOT OF CRAP on clickbank. E-books are so easy to create. Anybody with a program to make pdf files can go all over the web, gather facts and regurgitate them into a book and sell it for $50.00!! So you need to be very careful with what you promote on your site. So if I see something that I think would be useful to my readers , I personally would buy the e-book and check it out before I put it up on my blog or website. It's far better for you to get burned then for your followers/visitors to get it and you lose credibility. I see it this way, if the book is crap, it as an investment into your business. I see the affiliate sites as a business, and that's just the cost of doing business. Write it off on your taxes.

To recap, I don't go on clickbank looking for e-books that pay the most commission. I look for books that my readers will be interested in and that will be helpful to them. Then I download them and read the book from cover to cover. If its crap I try to return it,(yep clickbank has a nice return policy) , but even if that's not possible, I would rather I get the hit then my readers. If its great then I will post it and with confidence promote it and post my reviews. So I hope this has helped in clearing up what clickbank is and does. The upside and the downside. See ya next time.

What I found today! !

Today I have found a site with a VERY profitable affiliate program!

Its called SiteSell , SiteSell's affiliate program pays a generous $75 per Site Build It! sale, plus residuals on all yearly renewals. Not only that but SiteSell also puts a lot of time and energy into helping affiliates.

I’ve never known another affiliates program to offer so many tools to help their affiliates make sales. From videos with your affiliate links embedded in them to over 60 landing pages, this program has it all.

So is it legit? The answer would have to be yes! No scam alert on this one, all I could find is people that used the products and affiliate program and are very happy with both. This does not mean that it's a magic bullet, a money button online that you can just push and make money. They give you the tools, lots of them, but it's up to you to put in the work. A profitable online business is a lot of work even with the best online tools.

They really invest a lot of time and work into helping you as much as possible to make money. Also I must say that the product that they sell is outstanding. “Site Build It!” Is a very powerful package to help you get your online business off the ground. Not only does Site Build It! help you build a website but also it helps you manage your online business!

They really work hard to help you succeed on your online business. Its so good that over half of Site Build It! owners purchase more than one SBI! Once you become an affiliate and refer a customer that customer is yours for a lifetime, you earn commissions on those multiple sales. And, of course, on their renewals, too!

Its an excellent affiliate program from a group of people that help you succeed so that they can succeed. I can't recommend this affiliate program or Site Build It! More.

Well that's all for today, will be back soon with more legit opportunities !!

Craft making opportunity !legit!

Welcome to my blog , and to my very first blog!

Today I have a review of an opportunity , a hidden gem that most people don't know about.
The opportunity is Disciple's Cross .

It is a Christian craft site that I found during my endless searching online to find legit opportunities.
As stated on the site :

"Disciple's Cross™ was started as a craft idea at a summer youth camp in the early 90's. I was continually able to meet the growing demand for my Disciple's Cross™ necklaces, until my appearance on the Emmy Award winning CBS television show, Survivor: Thailand.

After wearing one of my unique, hand-made crosses on the show, interest skyrocketed and there was no way I could meet the demand myself. I need your help and I'm willing to pay you well for it. Read on to learn how you can earn up to $2,000 in pure profit each month with the Disciple's Cross™ opportunity."

Now I know what your thinking, its a craft scam, just like the multitude of other ones out today, but this one is legit! I have looked online to find any type of scam alert or any complaints but have found none. As far as i can see it is legit, and I am in the process of actually signing up for it!

The potential is very nice, you can make 2,000 a month making crosses, potentially more if you sell to stores (Christian book stores come to mind) or if you sell to the public. Here is how it works from the site. :

"Our Guaranteed Buy Back Program ensures that you never have to leave the comfort of your home to earn a healthy income. When you send in your finished crosses, I will pay you $1.25 for each cross that meets our quality standards, plus an additional $1.00 each for material reimbursement. I will also send you up to $5.00 per unit of 50 as reimbursement for your mailing expenses.

In order to control my inventory and avoid unethical sweat-shop operations, I limit the number of units to eight units of 50 per week, per producer (400 crosses). This gives you the ability to earn up to $500 in pure profit."

So really when have you heard of a scam that limits how much you can buy from them? However it does have a down side. It takes a lot of practice to make a cross in five min. and to reach the $2000 a month target you will have to make it that fast. You will need to make an assembly line of sorts. Selling to the public and stores would make reaching the mark a lot easier.

Well it's not a 'Get rich quick' trap, but it is real and legit.

I hope that you have enjoyed this blog and hope you will return for the next one.

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