Free software to help make your online business profitable!

Hay back for the continuation,
Next: because of the fantastic sites that I listed in my last post, I have found some great free programs that really help to make this online business profitable.

Great program with lots of features for the online entrepreneur!
It helps you to research your keyword niche and build a list of the most effective and relevant to optimize your website!
Find out what changes you should apply to your pages so that they have a better chance to appear among the top-ten listing of the popular search engines.
Get listed, find link partners, manage ppc campaigns, and More!
All for the very cool price of ...(drum roll)... FREE!

" 3 is the leading open-source office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. It is available in many languages and works on all common computers. It stores all your data in an international open standard format and can also read and write files from other common office software packages. It can be downloaded and used completely FREE of charge for any purpose."
And I really like this one, its got tons of different functions and it works great,so far no bugs.

Great browser, a little glitchy. Seems to be a ram sink at times. nuff said.

And some more that I will list on later posts, but these are the top ones that I have found to be very useful.

To be continued..


Hi, this is just a basic overview of what I have learned so far in internet business, making money online. Also the tools and the people that have helped me learn and simplified many tasks.
So whats the first thing?

Got God?
He is the most important part of my life and I am thankful to Him for everything I have , so of course He would be a crucial part of this business. I pray to Him as much as I can, ask Him for guidance and help with this business. He never lets me down unlike everyone else including myself. So if you are a Christian then I would suggest to go to Him! He is the source of all blessings and is eager to bless you, if you are not a Christian then this is your lucky day! Click here, this will explain what I mean a lot better then I could do it.

Learn Learn and hay Learn more !
Yea, I thought once I left high school I wouldn't have to learn anything else, HA! It seems we never stop learning and this business has soooo much to learn! So I suggest going to websites that are direct to the point and helpful, be warned some so called internet wiz kids are not interested in teaching/helping but more into selling junk and talking about themselves and how much money they have made. Some awsome sites that I have learned a considerable amount are:

This website is GREAT! It looks great and has a wealth of information and tips that can really get your business off to a great start! I check this site often for the latest info and advice on how to get better at this.

Lisa Irby
This is another site I get alot of help from, she also has tons of youtube videos that are very helpful and informative.

Yaro Starak
This is another excellent site, but I must confess sometimes I feel overwhelmed with the amount of information on this site. However it is great and exhaustive.

And others but I don't want this post to go forever lol, to be continued....

Dish network, too good to be true?

Hay , back again with a new opportunity for possible online income!
I have found this Dish network affiliate opportunity!
I have signed up for it, here is my affiliate site.
It sounds interesting , they set up your affiliate site, they give you FREE advertising for 1 Year! They give you offline tools,(like fliers and more) the offline stuff is very interesting, its offered in both English or Spanish. They offer it like a coupon to get savings on dish network, it has an ad code and a confirmation code so when they call both codes must be told to the operator in order for the coupon to work, this guarantees that you get the credit!

Hows $120 a pop sound?
they pay you $120 for everyone that signs up or more. I mean it really sounds nice! You don't have to worry about advertising for 1 year and you get $120 per person that signs up.

What you wont get!
Here is what you wont get..
NO Financial Risk Whatsoever! NO Personal Selling Is Involved! NO Computer Experience Required! NO Business Background Needed! NO Prospecting or Cold Calling! NO Costly Advertising To Do! NO Pressuring Friends And Family! NO Internet Marketing Skills Needed!

NO Monthly Membership Fees!

So Whats the catch?

Well they do ask for a one time fee of $35, but they have a %100 refund 60 day guarantee. If your not satisfied in 60 days they refund your money no problem. So its a no risk deal, at worst it can help finance your other sites (advertising, buying site build it!...)

So I signed up for it and I will be back in 60 days to give a full review , If it works you will know it, and if it crashes you will know it too!

Till next time

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