Click all the way to the bank? or NOT?

Hay , back again with another great opportunity!

Its ClickBank! ClickBank is an electronic marketplace that authors or programmers put the products that they make for sale. These products are all electronic, such as pdf files or electronic services and that sort of electronic merchandise. So what makes clickbank better then other marketplaces, like Amazon? The affiliate program in amazon pays like 2%. If you sell a $30 or $40 dollar book on Amazon, you can only make $2 to $1.50 commission on it. That's just the cost of doing business with 'real' merchandise. Amazon has to pay the author, the shipping (in most cases), Amazon gets a cut, and other people in the mix, so your like the sixth one down the list.

However with a electronic marketplace like click bank, things are a lot different. Just you the author and clickbank. So the commission can be up to 40% or even 75%!! Because the overhead is so low, you get wild crazy commission percentages. Like if you take my example of a $40 dollar book, you can make $20 maybe $30 dollars on just one book.

Now that's the good side of clickbank, but the downside is that there is a LOT OF CRAP on clickbank. E-books are so easy to create. Anybody with a program to make pdf files can go all over the web, gather facts and regurgitate them into a book and sell it for $50.00!! So you need to be very careful with what you promote on your site. So if I see something that I think would be useful to my readers , I personally would buy the e-book and check it out before I put it up on my blog or website. It's far better for you to get burned then for your followers/visitors to get it and you lose credibility. I see it this way, if the book is crap, it as an investment into your business. I see the affiliate sites as a business, and that's just the cost of doing business. Write it off on your taxes.

To recap, I don't go on clickbank looking for e-books that pay the most commission. I look for books that my readers will be interested in and that will be helpful to them. Then I download them and read the book from cover to cover. If its crap I try to return it,(yep clickbank has a nice return policy) , but even if that's not possible, I would rather I get the hit then my readers. If its great then I will post it and with confidence promote it and post my reviews. So I hope this has helped in clearing up what clickbank is and does. The upside and the downside. See ya next time.

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Hey, i tried clickbank and as a matter of fact i am making money online just like you said. check out my website and there i show you my clickbank link. good luck and thanks again.

I am currently using ClickBank, no revenue yet but it has only been a few weeks. Tip: One must be sure to only promote items that are believable and ligit. There is a lot of crap on ClickBank. Don't compromise the reputaion of your own site by promoting someone elses junk. Read each product carefully before posting the link on your blog.

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