What I found today! !

Today I have found a site with a VERY profitable affiliate program!

Its called SiteSell , SiteSell's affiliate program pays a generous $75 per Site Build It! sale, plus residuals on all yearly renewals. Not only that but SiteSell also puts a lot of time and energy into helping affiliates.

I’ve never known another affiliates program to offer so many tools to help their affiliates make sales. From videos with your affiliate links embedded in them to over 60 landing pages, this program has it all.

So is it legit? The answer would have to be yes! No scam alert on this one, all I could find is people that used the products and affiliate program and are very happy with both. This does not mean that it's a magic bullet, a money button online that you can just push and make money. They give you the tools, lots of them, but it's up to you to put in the work. A profitable online business is a lot of work even with the best online tools.

They really invest a lot of time and work into helping you as much as possible to make money. Also I must say that the product that they sell is outstanding. “Site Build It!” Is a very powerful package to help you get your online business off the ground. Not only does Site Build It! help you build a website but also it helps you manage your online business!

They really work hard to help you succeed on your online business. Its so good that over half of Site Build It! owners purchase more than one SBI! Once you become an affiliate and refer a customer that customer is yours for a lifetime, you earn commissions on those multiple sales. And, of course, on their renewals, too!

Its an excellent affiliate program from a group of people that help you succeed so that they can succeed. I can't recommend this affiliate program or Site Build It! More.

Well that's all for today, will be back soon with more legit opportunities !!

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