Home business opportunity and inexpensive website!

Hi , back again with a new opportunity.

I know that finding a cheap but good place to park your website is hard thing these days. Well I found this website that offers an incredible deal. The site is called WebStarts. They offer you a FREE website to start and if you like the service you can get your own domain name and they host the site. The price for all this is $3.95 a month.

That's a good deal to me. They do ask that you pay for a year up front, but still that's like $48.00. Very competitive price.

That's not all however, they also offer a nice affiliate program. $25 dollars for each person that you sign up , makes a nice home business opportunity. Yes it's $3.95 a month , that's all you pay and that includes taxes. And they also give you $25 dollars worth of adwords! The Google Adwords Credit is $25 worth of free ads that will show your site on top of Google search results when people search for keywords and phrases that have to do with your business or website. Great to setup a SiteSell affiliate site!

I've already signed up and have a web site, but I'm in the process of moving and just don't have the time to really do anything with it. It's also the reason that this blog hasn't been updated as often as I would like,but almost finished with the move and will be able to update a lot more.

Comments (3)

That is much cheaper than what I am currently paying, and the affiliate prgram sounds like a good money deal!

Thank you very much,I also like your site! very informative and helpful.

thanks again for your info on another program... will keep you up to date on my progress... peace!

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