Adsense a scam?

I'm back.
I'm still working on the move so I cant get to this blog as much as I would like, but just wanted to share something. I came home yesterday to find that my adsense account had been terminated. No reason was given other than a rather nebulous 'something wrong with my clicks'.
I wonder how many small, just starting out bloggers get an email of 'something wrong with your clicks' just before the $100 payout??

No proof was offered, I had to take their word on it. I appealed with a 'I don't know what could be wrong with my clicks', because I don't. They responded with a very nicely put 'we don't care if you don't know about the clicks that we don't want to show you but we think are strange' reply.

So here I am now , in shock.. stunned by the sheer arrogance of this company(and slightly sickened). So I thought to myself , I wont let this get me down. In fact this will help me! This is just the kick in the rear I needed to get to serious work and develop serious success! So I said to hell with adsense, there's more than one way to skin a cat!

And after just a little searching, I found several programs! They are very nice,very convenient pay-per-click programs that have a lot of potential to humble the... not so humble.
For example I found (and quickly signed up for) Bidvertisers ,what I really like about this one is that they send your payments to your paypal account and the minimum payment is only $10! Very convenient for me. Its the same as adsense, you get paid per clicks on the advertisement. Except perhaps they have less of an ego.

I am also checking out kontera, it is also a pay per click program that is also successful in the field.

So if ever you get a strange email that tells you your adsense account is terminated for strange clicks, don't worry. Its not the end of the world , just a new beginning. Perhaps it will help you find new opportunities. So is it a scam? Probably not but still I'm left wondering.

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That is Very true, thanks for this post. I will check out the other forms of ppc. Thanks

Bidvertiser seems to be good, but it is not as focused as adsense. Meaning it runs all sorts of ads not niche specific. But something is better than nothing, good job.

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