Affiliate, MLM, and other Programs that Do work.

Hi, Thought I would bring some affiliate , MLM , and other online programs that are profitable or have a very good potential for significant income stream.


This one has good earning potential as an affiliate program and also has a good product. Wordpress ready, slightly more expensive a month then godaddy but it has its merit. The affiliate program has multiple levels and a nice pay out per sale.
If you refer 1 or more account in a month, you will receive $25.00 for every referral (including your first 1).
If you refer 6 or more accounts in a month, you will receive $50.00 for every referral (including your first 6).
If you refer 16 or more accounts in a month, you will receive $75.00 for every referral (including your first 16).
Good payout and product.

Power Bar Club

Yes this one is excellent. I spoke about this one last month in depth, to check that out click here. Not much to look at in the beginning but this MLM program can be very lucrative if it gets going. Basically its a bar that you install in your browser, then when you feel like it just click on the ads button and make some money. It has seven levels of downline so it can start to add up. Only down side is that this one starts very small. Every ad you click on is only worth .003 of a cent. However if you get 3 others to join and they get 3 others and so on, it will become a significant stream of online income.


This is a Google Adsense alternative that so far has been very profitable. It allows you to set up different ways to advertise. Not just a block of ads but also the text of your site can be monetized, as well as pop down ads and other different ways. You are not only payed on the clicks but also on impressions , which is a nice change. As well as a referral program. I do recommend this one if you have been rejected or canceled from Google Adsense. (If you are about to receive your first check, I wouldn't get my hopes up, instead bookmark this page. Google is notorious for canceling peoples accounts just before the first payout.)

Site Build It!

This one is excellent, I speak of it in more length here. This one I must admit I have not personally tried, but I know many people who have and the results are impressive. Its a complete package, they help you at every step of developing and implementing a successful website. The price tag is what has kept me from taking advantage of this one, its around $300. I think that price will keep many others from purchasing this one also . However they do offer an affiliate program that is the best I have ever seen, they really work hard and provide you with everything you need to be successful.

And more but I think this post is long enough, well until next time.


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The problem with MLM is that people get sucked in thinking of getting rich without doing much work. That's a recipe for failure.

If done properly (and treated like a business), MLM can be lucrative for the right people.

Yes exactly ,and these are free. So if someone thinks they have what it takes then these would be the best way to find out.

This is amazing list like the previous one..
Thank you for this post..

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