Who Is John Galt!

Helos, just wanted to let every one know that Atlas Shrugged is out today! I wish it the best of luck. I read the book not so long ago and it was very impressive. I wish I had what it took to start a business but apparently I am not strong enough to do it. The book was great but it did tend to drag at times( Galt's 60 something  page speech would be one). However even with all that it was a great book. I highly recommend getting it.

Now then as far as my business, I am continuing to taken a break so far. I have escaped into a mmorg called 'Shaiya'. Its free and it is holding my attention so far. I have checked my accounts and am not surprised to find it at $0.0. I don't mean to be so glum but it just dosn't seem that I will ever make a sale. But I still have hope,  I'm just going to focus on real life jobs, as I said I could make more flipping burgers at MCD then doing this full time. So I have sent out several applications to jobs listed on  but have yet to see any replies. I have much hope that I will find a job on the list. God willing I will have an income soon.

Tell next time true believers

Here is the trailer for the movie, Who is John Galt!

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