Positive Impact of Squidoo on Traffic!

So what is Squidoo?
Hay guys, just wanted to talk about Squidoo. Its very cool, basically you just set up a web page on there,normally static page, and that's it. It really becomes powerful when you realize that you have NO LIMIT to the amount of pages that you can make and that its FREE. Those are my two favorite terms right now! Lots of people make a hundred or two hundred pages! Can you imagine that, it sounds a bit much but it really can be an incredible income source if done correctly.

So how do you make money with Squidoo?
You can sell products on your page from Ebay ,Amazon or Clickbank and more. This is a very exciting opportunity when you consider you make up to %60 profit on the products on Clickbank. Also the ad revenue from the Adsense is divided between the lens masters. This is very cool considering the amount of people that have been droped by google, you can get back into the google ads game. Also as I said you can make as many lenses as you want, several hundred is what I'm trying for.

So whats this about traffic?
Well lots of people on Squidoo among lots of other things they make sites(lenses) about the blog or website that they have, and this way they get more 'traffic juice' from Squidoo. They have several lenses and links on them that direct traffic to there sites so it really does build traffic.

So hay its free and it generates money as well as traffic for your main site. So check it out HERE
until next time,

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